How to book a wrestling show card

If you run an independent or backyard wrestling federation, then this is for you. Or, if you’re just interested in wrestling, you’ll find this interesting as well. The following is a set of rules and guidelines for running an 8-match wrestling show. The guidelines here would make a perfect show in my opinion.

book a wrestling show card

Match 1- The opening match should be one that pumps up the crowd and sets a standard for the show. You’ll want to have two men with similar styles going against each other, and face vs. face is best.

You also want it to be fast-paced, so don’t ever start off a show with two big men wrestling. Your best bet would be two martial arts faces who have never wrestled with each other before. Maybe two high flyers, but remember not to make your opener too exciting, or else the rest of the card will seem boring.

And the wrestlers shouldn’t be top guys, they can be lower card wrestlers, as long as they’re talented. And never, ever book two submission wrestlers for your opener. A twenty-minute match is not what you want to start things off with.

Example: A perfect opener would be along the lines of Steve Blackmen vs. Tajiri.

Match 2- After the fans have been pumped up from the opener, you should keep the pace going. A promo for the main event is best, maybe an altercation between the top face and the top heel.

For the second match, you should have your minor title change hands. Also, your face should be the one losing the title to a heel, probably due to outside interference. This is to set the feeling of unpredictability for the night.

Example: In the WWF, this would be something like Crash Holly losing the European title to Perry Saturn.

Match 3- The third match should always be a tag team match. A mismatch of middle-card teams is best. One team could be quick, high flyers, and the other two big brawlers. You want the heels to dominate, but the faces to come out with the win. No titles and no interference for the third match.

Example: Something like The Hardy Boyz defeating The Acolytes.

Match 4- Now that the crowd is really getting into it, you have the opportunity to slow the pace and give them a real wrestling show. Your fourth match is the perfect time for a submission match. Face vs. heel, with both men being around 230 pounds.

Each should be built as a submission wrestler, and the match should last 20-25 minutes. In this case, it would be best if there was outside interference from the heel, giving the face the win by disqualification.

Example: Chris Benoit losing to Bret Hart after Shane McMahon interferes.

Match 5- Now you can really bring out the big guns. This should be either a hardcore-style match or a high-flying match. There’s nothing better than two guys smashing each other with chairs.

If you need an example of what to do here, take a look at an ECW match where tables and chairs are involved. Even with the high flyers, somebody going through a table now and then is pretty entertaining. If this is a tag team match, your titles should be on the line.

Examples: Masata Tanaka vs. Ball Mahoney, or The Hardy Boyz. Vs. Edge & Christian.

Match 6- Well this is where you should present your top middle card face, vs. your top middle card heel. Your secondary title should be on the line, and it doesn’t matter who has it.

If your heel wins, it should only be because of interference or a foreign object. If you have your face win, there should also be outside interference, but he goes against the odds to win. This shouldn’t be a long match, somewhere around 10 minutes should do fine.

Example: Kurt Angle defeats Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title with the help of his manager.

Match 7- Before the main event, you’ll want one more incredible match. This should be the conclusion to a long feud. Say you’ve had one of your heels attacking one of your faces for the last three months, now would be the perfect time to give them a match.

If you want this to be the end of the feud, then the face should win cleanly. If you want the feud to continue, have the heel win with outside interference.

Example: Goldberg defeats Kevin Nash with outside interference

Match 8- Here it is, the main event. This one is basically a no-brainer, your top heel vs. your top face for the World title. Now at a normal show, your heel will win with some sort of outside help.

But if this is your big show, equal to Wrestlemania to the WWF, then your face should win cleanly after a 25-30 minute match. If your face is winning, there should be absolutely no outside interference.

Example: The Rock defeats Triple H.

Well, there you have it, the perfect way to book a card. If you follow these steps you should have a great night of wrestling in your federation. Or if you’re just a fan, you can enjoy discussing this with your friends. Just remember the most important rule for booking a wrestling event; always leave room for the feuds to continue.

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