5 reasons Garage Door Springs Break

5 reasons Garage Door Springs Break

How many people assume it, the garage is one of the most important parts of your home and the significance of the garage door cannot be taken lightly. The garage door is composed of many parts such as the garage door opener, the door springs, and the door hinges among others.

However, the garage door springs are the most delicate parts since they can be susceptible to failure or breakage. Failure of the garage door springs can result in the failure of the whole garage door. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the garage door springs do not break. In order to do this, it is vital to know some of the topmost reasons why garage door springs break, which include:

Wear and Tear

Just like in human beings, age also catches up with garage door springs which leads to gradual wear and tear over time. However, wear and tear come about depending on how often the garage door is used, how regular maintenance is carried out, and the cycle rating of the springs.

In the initial installation, a torsion spring is rated for an estimate of ten thousand cycles. This means that the more the number of times one opens and closes their garage door, the more the wear and tear, hence the higher the chances of failure or breaking of garage door spring.


Since springs are made of various steel, they are prone to rusting. Excessive accumulation of rust is also a top reason why garage door springs break. Rust is most common during wetter climates since it is brought about by moisture. Accumulated rust increases coil friction on the moving spring, on top of being corrosive. Therefore, the higher the amount of rust on the garage door springs, the higher the breaking rate.

Bad installation

During garage door installation, it is important to install two torsion springs for lifting the garage door. However, some people decide to cut costs by using one long torsion spring which is dangerous and risky. Single springs have a shorter lifespan and break easily due to the weight of the garage door.

Insufficient maintenance

Regular maintenance of the garage door and all its parts is very important and can increase the lifespan of the garage door springs. The springs need constant lubrication and routine check-ups to sense problems early enough as well as prevent mishaps. It’s also important to inspect and ensure the door is well balanced. Lack of proper maintenance hence is a major reason why springs break.

Incorrect Springs

Every great door expert such as Denver garage door experts knows that each garage door has a specific spring which is designed to operate the garage door. Therefore, if the spring installed with your door is not the specific spring for that door in terms of spring length and wire size, it is more likely to break quickly.

Torsion springs provide over 90% of the lift used to raise a garage door in the modern-day garage doors. Despite the various reasons why door springs break, it is your duty to ensure you prevent that and increase their lifespan. This is achievable through proper and regular maintenance through lubrication and inspection. Good and professional installation is also important as well as regular repairs.

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