5 apple-themed craft ideas

5 apple-themed craft ideas


Find a nicely-shaped apple and slice it in half. Pour some paint on a paper plate. Press the sliced edge into the paint, then use the apple as a stamp to make apple prints. For even coatings, press the apple back into the paint after every print. If the paint is thick, try blotting the apple on a paper towel or bag before stamping it.

You can make apple prints on single sheets of paper, then frame and hang them when they are dry. Stamped sporadically on large rolls of brown paper, they make lovely autumn gift wrapping. Stamp apple prints along the wall for a great border, or use to embellish kitchen containers or planters.


Use these little creatures to decorate your holiday dining tables. Children particularly love to make these. Take a piece of card board or poster board paper and draw the head, feet (paws), arms (wings), and tail of your favorite animal. Cut each piece out, leaving a ½” tab at the edge of each piece. Color the body parts on both sides.

Take an apple and decide where the body parts would go if the apple were the body of the animal. Make small slits in the skin with a knife in those areas. Insert the tabs for the body part into the slits. These apples will only last a few hours, but they make a cute table embellishment. Try making Halloween apple bats and cats, Thanksgiving apple turkeys, and Easter apple bunnies.


Dried apples look beautiful, last for years, and are easy to make. Take an apple and slice it into pieces that are approximately 1/8 inch thick. Lay the pieces on a baking pan and put them into an oven at a low temperature (approximately 150 degrees). Let them bake for several hours until dry, occasionally flipping them with a spatula. If the edges begin to harden and crisp before the centers are done, leave the oven door ajar as the heating process finishes.

Once dry, you can leave the dried apple slices as they are, or spray them with an acrylic sealing spray for a shiny, fresh look. Using a hot glue gun, adhere the apples to a grapevine wreath as embellishments between leaves or flowers. String them in garland for decorating trees. Hot glue them to the front of plain vases or flowerpots as an embellishment. Hot glue a slice to a magnet to display on the fridge. Poke a hole in a slice and hang it from a hook, then decorate the holiday tree with it.


Take some perfect-looking, Red Delicious apples and a soft, cotton cloth. Polish them up to a perfect shine. Core the apple and set it on a heat-proof plate. Place either taper candles or votive candles into the center hole. Decorate your dinner table with these candle holders.

If you like, you can add some fresh lemon leaves or herbs in the hole; just make sure they are hanging over the edge of the apple and out of the direct flame. Do not use dried herbs, as they will catch on fire easily.


Take an apple and a jar of cloves. Stud the apple with cloves by pushing the stems into the apple skin. You can simply cover the entire fruit with cloves spaced closely together, or you can make stripes, spirals, or any other type of design that your imagination can dream up.

Take a bowl and put about a quarter cup of your favorite smelling dried, ground spices into it. Cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, orris root, ginger, and rosemary make nice choices. Place the apple in the bowl and roll it around in the spices. Leave it in a warm, dry, dark place for two to three weeks oven, when not in use, makes a great storehouse, but make sure to remove the apple before cooking and not put it back until it has cooled. Two or three times per day, roll the apple around in the spices and turn it so that it dries and shrivels evenly, without warping or flattening on one side.

When the apple is completely dry, tie a ribbon around it and suspend it in a room or closet to create a wonderful scent.

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